Biplav is a Senior Researcher and master Inventor in IBM India Research. He has over 100 publications and actively participates in events. He is the mentor and guide to this project "REACH" and could be reached through biplav at hotmail dot com

Josiah is a Senior Developer and is with System Software Development for 9 years.His interests include System software and Web Development. His expertise was used in the design of REACH. He could be reached through josiah_sams at yahoo dot com

Arun works with Technology Labs Bangalore as a Developer. He is interested in Number Theory and developed the web application "REACH" . He could be reached through aruncr86 at gmail dot com

Mitesh works for Research Labs Bangalore.His research interests are in the areas of machine learning, business process modeling and mentored through the Application Development of REACH. He could be reached through mitesh.vasa at gmail dot com

Puvi works for Technology Labs Bangalore for about 6 years.His interests include performance Tuning and solving problems. He contributed to design and testing of "REACH" He could be reached through r.puvichakravarthy at gmail dot com